Sound devices 702

The 702: Portable, High-Resolution Audio Recorder. Power conditioner for use when powering bus-powered external data drives with the 70 702T, 72 and 744T. Buy Sound Devices 7Portable, High-Resolution Audio Recorder features Records to Removable CompactFlash Cards, XLR Analog Digital Input and .

While the 702T is a very capable recorder by itself, it truly excels when used in conjunction with an outboard audio mixer such as Sound Devices’ own 4or . If you can’t afford a Sound Devices recorder, then a SD mixer. The two-channel 7is a powerful file-based digital audio recorder. The compact device records and plays back audio to a removable Compact Flash card.

Another compact-yet-powerful product from Sound Devices, the 702T is a two-track audio recorder with. The compact device records and plays back audio to cost-effective, removable . Linkittämällä yhteen useita koneita voidaan raitamäärää kasvattaa rajattomasti. Rakenne tunnettua Sound Devices laatua, ei muovia eikä ohuita pellinpaloja .

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